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Build Status

This component acts as a reverse proxy between InfluxDB clients and server and allows on-the-fly rewrites of InfluxQL queries. Intended use is with Grafana. No multi-backend-support, configure a HTTP load-balancer if you run multiple data nodes.

Based on the original InfluxQL parser. This leverages a up-to-date and "correct" InfluxQL implementation without requiring to write major RegEx or Parser foo.


Docker image releases are available at the Docker Hub: nwhh/influx-proxy.


  • choose retention policy based on queried time range
  • simple implementation, not much code
  • leverages original InfluxQL parser, therefore
    • probably runs on windows
    • works and unit-tested with nested queries
    • no URL request parameter limitations
    • client authentication is passed to backend

Start development environment

Commands assume you are using the provided nix-shell configuration, e.g. using lorri.

  • Start InfluxDB using influxd run -config conf/influxd.conf
  • Start Telegraf using telegraf -config conf/telegraf.conf
  • Start Grafana using grafana-server -homepath tmp/grafana

or just run tmuxinator.


Build Docker image

Run docker load <$(nix-build --no-out-link Dockerfile.nix).

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